Creative Summer Workshop
in the Kaiserwinkl

Summer Workshop in Walchsee

The "Creative Summer Workshop" in the Kaiserwinkl region has received awards province-wide for the diversity of its programs as well as its educational value. Annually from July to mid-September (Sunday to Friday), a colorful creativity program is offered to children of all ages. As a guest of the Bellevue, you, or rather your children, have the opportunity to participate in the program's various activities.

Overview of the program:


  • Adventure at the "Moor Tower" in the Schwemm moors, Walchsee


  • parkour & trampoline workshop, Sportgästehaus Kössen
  • rock-climbing course at the Ottenalm practice climbing area, Walchsee
  • all about horses, Aignerhof Walchsee


  • canyoning, children 8-16 years, Sports & Nature Outdoor Camp, Kössen
  • kids rafting– rafting adventure incl. water battle, Sports & Nature Outdoor Camp, Kössen
  • Archery - workshop for the whole family


  • free creativity workshop for the whole family, Almhütte-Käserei Plangger, Walchsee
  • wild herb walk - a guided tour, Almhütte-Käserei Plangger, Walchsee
  • tour of an alpine hill farm & more, Burgeralm in Rettenschöss
  • forest adventure with forest educator Richard, Schwendt village hall/close the fountain


  • to look for a treasure, Seemühle in Walchsee
  • go through the moor, tennis courts in Walchsee
  • bees, flowers, moountains - Zahmer Kaiser valley station, Walchsee
  • baking bread at the Fleckenhof, Fleckenhof in Rettenschöss
  • hang-over – bat night, Walchsee bandstand and Kössen



  • kids canyoning, for children 10-16years, Freizeitcamp Kössen
  • churn butter like in grandma's time, Almhütte Käserei Plangger, Walchsee
  • producing natural yoghurts & smoothies, Almhütte Käserei Plangger, Walchsee
  • Llamas and alpacas, Jodlerhof Schwendt
  • Haunting in Moor (night walk), Skaterpark Walchsee
  • herbs - experience - workshop, Almhütte Käserei Plangger, Walchsee

Subject to change. Program details and pricing information available at the Bellevue reception or from the local tourist information offices.

Bellevue Tip:

With the Kaiserwinkl Card, you receive a 50% discount on the price of the Creative Summer Workshop.