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You will find an incredible selection of hiking paths in the countryside close to Ferienclub Bellevue am Walchsee****. They range from simple and easy to challenging. Around 200 km of marked hiking paths in total lead you out through the magical alpine landscapes of the Kaiserwinkl. We have compiled on your behalf a few touring suggestions for the immediate Kaiserwinkl region.

Our Bellevue Hiking Tips:

Good-quality and complete hiking equipment is very important!

Gear you should bear in mind: suitable shoes - hiking boots - which you have already worn and worn-in; rucksack, sun block, drinks & provisions (Tip: learn about refreshment opportunities along the trail before setting out), warm clothing, rain gear, along with navigational materials (hiking maps can be obtained at the Bellevue reception as well as from the local tourism information offices in the Kaiserwinkl region). Please also insure that you are in appropriate physical condition. And what will the weather be like? We will be glad to share weather reports, of course, or check out the weather forecast here.

Our Bellevue Hiking Tip:

Hiking with Children

Hiking with children should always be fun, which makes it even more important to plan your hiking tour carefully. We recommend always insuring that you have plenty to eat and drink, not least because children need more fluids than adults. With the right hiking equipment, your hike is certain to be a complete success. Guided tours for children ages 8 and up are possible (register at the local information offices). Have a great time!

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Suggestions for hiking tours close to Ferienclub Bellevue am Walchsee****

In the countryside surrounding Lake Walchsee

Experience the warmest swimming lake in Tyrol from every angle. That includes hiking or Nordic-walking along the shores of this beautiful alpine lake. The Walchsee, incidentally, is a natural glacial lake covering some 95 hectares. The starting point for this hiking/Nordic-walking tour is Ferienclub Bellevue. After leaving the main entrance, you will make a right along the lake promenade in the direction of the east beach and passing café “See-la-vie” (Tip: playground). You will stay on the shores of Walchsee, now hiking along its eastern edge next to a small belt of reeds. Continue on the north shore, in a westerly direction, along a partially paved road, passing the tennis center, then once again returning to the town center of Walchsee. Continue through town and back to your starting point at Ferienclub Bellevue.

Tour Facts:
Start and finish at Ferienclub Bellevue – Length ca. 5.2 km – Trail-Time ca. 1 hour – Difficulty: very easy

Setting out from the town center of Walchsee, this very family-friendly hike takes you across lush, green alpine pastures past numerous huts and hill farms. Fun and games aren’t in the slightest neglected either: whether on the playgrounds or watching the goats at the Raineralm – there is always something to discover and experience. Hikers can ride the regional bus (Tip: Use your Kaiserwinkl Card) to return to the starting point. Please be sure to check the bus timetables! Our reception will be glad to provide you with further details.

Tour Facts:
Start: town center(ca. 300 m from Ferienclub Bellevue) – Length 8.7 km – Trail-Time ca. 3 hours – gains 401 m – drops 566 m – Difficulty: easy – Finish: Staffenbrück in Kössen

Scenery that is absolutely unforgettable. Right at the start of this hiking tour, you will be treated to first magical views of Tyrol’s warmest swimming lake – the Walchsee – on the shores of which your Ferienclub Bellevue stands. You will also be able to make out the surrounding mountains, such as the Lochner Horn and the Brennkopf, as you will moorland areas that are clearly distinguishable from the surrounding meadows. Pleasant forestry paths and hiking trails will bring you to Habersauertal valley with the Kleinmooseralm and Hochalm. A beautiful, pristine area of alpine pastures. From the Hochalm, hikers return to the Kleinmoosenalm and then along a high trail to the Hageralm, continuing to the top of the Heuberg. From the summit cross on the Heuberg at 1600 m above sea level, you have truly majestic views. You can now return via the Hageralm and Gwirchtalmen to the car park.

Tour Facts:
Start & Finish: Hochberg car park - Length 12.8 km - Trail-Time ca. 5 hours – gains 1252 m – drops 1247 m – highest point of the hiking tour 1603 m – Difficulty: moderate

This moderate hike leads you across green meadows and pastures, past an impressive waterfall, then to the top of the Wandberg with beautiful views of the nearby Inntal and neighboring Chiemgau. From the football pitch in Walchsee, you will hike in the direction of Oberwinkl. The path takes you alongside a stream to Lochner Waterfall, then climbs to path No. 55b, which in turn leads to the top of the Wandberg. Refreshments are possible at the Wandberghütte and Burgeralm. From the Burgeralm, follow trail signs taking you to the summit cross on the Wandberg, where you can enjoy the panoramic views. Hikers can now return via the Brennalm, Hitscheralm to the “Schwemm Tower” (right next to the Schwemm high moors, with interesting descriptions of unique native flora and fauna) in Walchsee.

Tour Facts:
Start: car park at the football pitch in Walchsee – Length 11.8 km – Trail-Time ca. 5 hours – gains 974 m – drops 964 m – Highest Point: 1408 m – Difficulty: moderate – Finish: Schwemm Tower in Schwaigs

From mid-May to mid-October, we offer guided hiking tours.
Offers and prices are subject to change.

Please sign up through the tourist office
Walchsee Tourism Information, Tel. +43(0)5374 5223

Meets: 8:30 a.m. outside the Walchsee tourist office

Fee: € 6, with Kaiserwinkl Card € 3

Also for children ages 8 and up:
All hikes are also suitable for children (ages 8 and up) as well as those with a somewhat weaker physical condition, since the focus is very much on enjoying nature.

Please bring: appropriate clothing, hiking shoes, rucksack, rain gear, hiking poles, sun block, change of T-shirt, food & drinks, as well as a camera to take breathtaking photos.

Additional touring suggestions and details about hiking in the Kaiserwinkl region can be found on the regional homepage.

Suggestions for Nordic-walking and running tours close to Ferienclub Bellevue am Walchsee****

Nordic walking or running – the choice is yours. Take advantage of this opportunity to “conquer” Walchsee and its magical surroundings at your own tempo. All 152 km of the Nordic-walking and running trails in the region, some of which are marked as such, are perfectly suited for Nordic walkers and runners alike. Shorter tours in flat terrain make it easier for beginners to get started, while experienced athletes will definitely get their money’s worth on longer moderate tours, and even on steeper trails. Especially popular: the 5 km-long running path around Lake Walchsee. During the annual Challenge Walchsee Triathlon, competitors actually run this loop a total of 4 times, which brings it up to a classic half-marathon distance.

From Ferienclub Bellevue, east to the end of the lake promenade, then right on the street next to the lake, over a wooden bridge next to the inn, right across the car park and a gravel road as far as the paved road, then right again via Terrasssen-Camping Südsee (campgrounds) to Schwaigererbauer Farm, continue next to the lake towards the indoor tennis center. Shortly before you get there, make a right on a path leading to Camping Seespitz campground, then cross the Ramsbachbrücke bridge, continuing to the church and the tourist information office.

Difficulty: blue (easy, flat route on paved surfaces), marked tour
Length: 5.5km

At the tourist information office in Walchsee, cross the road and go between Cafe Praschberger and the Fischerwirt. Past the dairy and play-/sports grounds, crossing the bridge in the direction of Walchsee golf course – Moarwirt. Now circle the “Schwemm” (Tyrol’s biggest moorland area). Follow signs for the “Schwemmrundgang”, keep left, taking you past the Hinterankerwaldbauer Farm and the gravel quarry to the Bachstraße, now right on the main road, then left on the footpath back to the tourist office.

Difficulty: blue (easy, flat route on paved surfaces)
Length: 6.5 km

Overview of Huts and Inns in Kaiserwinkl (in the area of Walchsee & Rettenschöss)

Berggasthof Zahmer Kaiser


open daily

1.5 hrs. from chairlift valley station, Tel. 0043 (0)676 6197074



closed Tue + Wed

2 hrs. from town center, Tel. 0043 (0)5374 5396



closed Mon

1.5 hrs. from town center, Tel. 0043 (0)664 9156385



open daily

1.5 hrs. from town center, Tel. 0043 (0)5374 5812

Priener Hütte


open daily

3 hrs. from Walchsee, Tel. 0049 (0)8057 428



open daily

1.5 hrs. from town center , Tel. 0043 (0)5375 2213



closed Thu

1 hrs. from town center, Tel. 0043 (0)5374 5933



open daily

1.5 hrs. from town center, Tel. 0043 (0)664 5060189



open daily

2 hrs. from town center, Tel. 0043 (0)680 3342514

Gasthof Schöne Aussicht


closed Thu

2 hrs. from Walchsee, Tel. 0043 (0)5373 61811



closed Tue

2.5 hrs. from Walchsee, 1.5 hrs. from Feistenau; Tel. 0043 (0)664 4321770



closed Wed

2.5 hrs. from Walchsee, 1.5 hrs. from Feistenau; Tel. 0043 (0)664 9155738



closed Mon + Tue

1 hrs. from Ritzgraben, Tel. 0043 (0)664 5403205



closed Fri

1 hrs. from Feistenau, Tel. 0043 (0)676 5102412

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