Security is particularly important to us. For this reason, we will conduct various hygiene training courses for our staff in the run-up to our reopening. Furthermore, we have raised our hygiene standards due to the requirements and regulations and have also taken additional precautions to ensure the best possible protection for everyone.

Hygiene, cleanliness and safety have top priority. Surfaces are therefore disinfected and cleaned several times a day. After each departure of our guests, the rooms and apartments are cleaned efficiently and disinfectingly: high-quality disinfectants are used.

Our employees. Of course, all our employees are equipped with face shields and trained for the new situation. Even in sensitive areas, such as the kitchen, restaurant and Bellevue bathing world, the surfaces are regularly disinfected and cleaned.

Lots of space and freedom!

Mandatory test result. The Province of Tyrol has issued information for the entry of guests from countries and regions with upright travel warnings. Guests from countries or regions with travel warnings (e.g. Gütersloh district) must carry a negative Covid-19 test result. This test result must not be older than 4 days. Otherwise, a doctor in private practice must be contacted immediately upon arrival on site to arrange a corona test. A confirmation of the test result must then be presented at the hotel.

In Austria, a minimum distance of 1 meter applies. Please maintain this distance accordingly. For this purpose, we have provided orientation and assistance where necessary (e.g. floor stickers, plaques or information boards). In addition, we have set up hygiene stations for free use throughout the Bellevue Holiday Club.

Entering our hotel for the first time. In general, the generally valid regulations for Austria apply in our hotel. After check-in, only the minimum distance of 1 meter to non-family members must be maintained. We refrain from handshakes and hugs: "Because we are not rude - we are reasonable!

Obligation to wear a mask. In Austria, from 24 July onwards it will be mandatory to wear a mouth and nose protector (mask) in health care facilities (e.g. doctors' surgeries, pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes, health resorts), post offices, banks, petrol station shops, bakeries and supermarkets.

Public rooms. As soon as our guests are inside our holiday club (also in the garden & park area), masks are not necessary. AS MUCH FREE SPACE AS POSSIBLE - AS MUCH PROTECTION AS NECESSARY!

In the restaurant. In our restaurant the same rules apply as for the catering. You will be assigned a fixed table for your stay. The minimum distance can be undercut. We have set up the tables further apart so that the minimum distances are guaranteed. With regard to our buffet catering, we optimise our solutions, such as a possible personalised serving.

Lounge & Bar. Serving drinks at the bar is permitted, provided the minimum distance to non-family members is observed. At the tables, drinks are served by the staff with protective visors. The aim is to ensure that guests have to move as little as possible.

Kids Club & Pirate Land. At the moment there are no detailed guidelines for this. At the moment we will open and offer the supervision, we leave it up to our guests if they want to use it, as well as the animation program during the main holiday season.

Bellevue bathing world. We have designed the sunbathing area (outside & inside) to provide enough space for families/couples. The deckchairs of a family or couple may be together. The minimum distance therefore only applies to other guests. Our outdoor and indoor pools are open. However, we would ask you to keep the minimum distance (1 metre in the vicinity or in each direction). These regulations also apply to our sauna area. All 3 saunas should only be used by a family or a couple from the same household at the same time. If the sauna is occupied, we kindly ask you to wait and enter it only when it is free again. Details of the recommendations for our Bellevue Bathing World will be posted on site or can be obtained from our reception.

Outdoor facilities. The official regulations for Austria also apply here. Therefore, please take your mouth and nose protector with you so that you can wear it if necessary (from 15 June 2020 only obligatory for visits to the doctor, purchases in pharmacies and public transport). Of course, you can carry out all sports and leisure activities during your stay in compliance with the official regulations. Here too, our motto is: AS MUCH FREE AS POSSIBLE!

Adaptations. Due to official rules and regulations, opening hours or the regulations in our various hotel facilities may change during the current summer season (e.g. indoor pool, sauna and rest area, fitness room/leisure facilities, children's club). Therefore please inform yourself continuously about our GUEST-FRIEND-APP or directly at our reception.

We thank you for your assistance, which contributes significantly to the safety and protection of all guests and staff.

For questions please contact our reception or click on our GUEST FRIENDS APP, where we constantly update and keep all guest information up to date.

We wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay at our holiday club Bellevue at Lake Walchsee!

Your hosts,
Kaltschmid family