Feel on top of the world at the Bellevue pool

Check in & feel marvelous. Whether you are outside soaking up the sunshine or enjoying a day of complete peace & quiet - at the Bellevue, guests are always certain to find the relaxation they seek, including at the hotel's very own pool and wellness facilities. At Ferienclub Bellevue, you experience an ideal combination of wellness and fun in & around the water. Jump into the refreshing water, and afterwards unwind completely, perhaps even sneaking in a quiet nap in the relaxation room. Your comfort, your fun and your wellbeing are always the top priority. It's time to treat yourself to a few hours in the Bellevue's pool area.

Indoor bathing world and adjoining wellness facilities

If it's a little chilly outside or the sun is hidden, our guests love to head back in to the soothingly warm wellness area with its indoor swimming pool, hot tub, play pool for the kids, a spacious sauna facility (organic sauna, Finnish sauna, floral steam bath, cold-water pool - ages 15 and up), simultaneously enjoying the pleasant family atmosphere.

Use of the Bellevue pool and following wellness amenities is included free of charge:

  • spacious indoor swimming pool 8 x 12 meters
  • soothing whirlpool for total relaxation
  • clearly visible children's play pool in the indoor area
  • sauna facilities (ages 15 and up) with a wide variety of amenities, including organic sauna, Finnish sauna, Turkish steam bath, floral steam bath and cold-water pool, shower zone and relaxation room

Awaiting you are:

Organic Sauna

This is a variant of the Finnish sauna - generally with lower temperatures than a traditional sauna, somewhere between 40-55 degrees Celsius (humidity 45-55%). It is important NOT to stay in the organic sauna for more than 45 minutes. Benefits of a visit to the organic sauna: optimal relaxation of the muscles as well as detoxification of the body.

Floral Steam Bath

Here you can look forward to marvelous aromas and pleasant temperatures. Take full advantage of your stay at Ferienclub Bellevue to enjoy the ideal characteristics of flower petals & aromas, which have pleasant, beneficial effects on the human body.

Tanning Studio

Of course, we also have tanning beds available for our guests - which you are welcome to take advantage of for an additional charge. For further information, please stop by the reception.

Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna is one of the best-known types of sauna. It strengthens the entire organism, while detoxification of the body plays a significant role as well. Sauna affusions (essential oils) increase the humidity. You should only spend a maximum of 15 minutes in a Finnish sauna.

Shower Zone, Cold-Water Pool & Relaxation Room

The Bellevue also features an appealing shower zone as well. We recommend consulting our guidelines for sauna use. Once you have heated up your body, it is also important to carefully cool it down again afterwards. The Bellevue has the facilities you need to do precisely that. And then, enjoy total relaxation on comfortable loungers in our quiet rooms.

Infrared Cabin

Warmth and radiation allow the body to relax wonderfully. Feel the benefits of deep heat in our infrared cabin! Each session promotes blood flow and relaxes muscles!

Turkish Steam Bath

In this special steam bath, you can experience the oriental approach to total relaxation. A Turkish steam bath opens your respiratory passages and provides the optimal setting in which to refocus mind and body. The most important difference from a sauna lies in the soothing characteristics of the steam. Take advantage of this marvelous opportunity to enjoy a Turkish steam bath at Ferienclub Bellevue.

Fitness Room–
"Keep fit!"

Aside from our extensive feel-good area, we also make available to you the hotel's own well-equipped fitness room. True to our motto "Stay active and hungry for exercise", the following fitness equipment is provided for the use of our guests:

  • stationary bike
  • treadmill
  • crosstrainer
  • elliptical trainer
  • strength trainer